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Breaking!! Private prisons paid Diane Feinstein and the Democratic party so Prop 19 would be defeated

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 1172052
11/22/2010 08:31 PM
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Breaking!! Private prisons paid Diane Feinstein and the Democratic party so Prop 19 would be defeated
Well duh.

[link to www.eastbayexpress.com]

2. Private prisons helped fund the No on 19 campaign in order to keep their jails full and their profits up, USC's Paresh Dave writes on Neon Tommy. A private prison company called Corrections Corp. of America helped fund the No on 19 campaign through donations to the Democratic Party and Dianne Feinstein. CCA donated at least $75,000 to campaigns of legislators, gubernatorial and attorney general candidates in California this election cycle. CCA now stands to reap a bumper crop of prisoners under the status quo.

More than 14,000 California pot growers and vendors face jail time each year. California spends about $45,000 per year per prisoner, and has a 71 percent recidivism rate, among the nation's highest. More than 70 percent of recidivists go back to jail for violating terms of their parole, not for new crimes. And lawyers say small pot charges contribute significantly to California parole violations.

Corrections Corp. of America spent nearly $340,000 since 2009 on lobbying efforts in the state to land a contract that could be worth twenty times that figure. The Associated Press reports the company is hoping to house another 2,400 California inmates for $600 million over two years. Those inmates would go to Arizona, Colorado, Minnesota, Mississippi, and Oklahoma.

"CCA is responsible for about 75,000 inmates in 19 states and in the federal system," according to a report out of Florida in April.

Another private prison, GEO Group Inc., landed a two-year contract to house 2,600 California prisoners in Michigan. GEO spent more than $285,000 on lobbying in California since the current legislative session opened in January 2009, according to data from the California Secretary of State's web site and the National Institute for Money in State Politics.