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Message Subject To anyone that doesn't believe the illuminati exists
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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I just watched and I am sitting here just dumbfounded! Our worst nightmare is coming true before our very eyes. We're conspiracy theorists? I hardly think so...we had it right all along. Everyone here should watch this video!

In Australia companies pay a company tax of 30%. There's a good chance that the money Foundation X has came from legal sources within and without countries around the world.

Ten years age Nestle had an annual net worth of 800 billion dollars, the same as Australia's GDP. At the top of the food chain are five companies with a GDP in excess of the combined GDP of the world's seventh richest nations. Foundation X could be any one of these companies or a shell company created to represent one of these companies.

These five companies own Coca Cola and other companies like General Electric so they could be refered to as conglomerates. Normally these companies invest in themselves and other companies to increase their profitability. These five companies are owned by ten people, whom may or may not call themselves the Illuminati.
 Quoting: Irdoooomed

bsflag Foundation X is the Office of International Treasury Control its a S C A M a long known scam that has scammed many people and resides in a non existent country and has been associated with many of the worlds biggest career conmen over the last 20 years.
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