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Message Subject Truth about the truth movement..and won't the internet won't tell you about Masons/Illuminati
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Still on the fence on the issue.

I don't think calling them "Jews" is the right label. They are masquerading as Jews. The true Jewish religion has been hijacked, just as all others have been. If you get to the root of it, the one thing all of these evil bastards believe in, is an esoteric evil, or Lucifer, Satan, whatever other name for it you have.

It goes beyond religion. While I feel the current race we know as "Jews" are heavily ensconced in the deception, I don't think they are the complete crux of it.

Keep an open mind, do not pigeonhole yourself in to one belief, it may save you someday from making irrational decisions.

We live in terribly confusing times, and that's their plan. They want to you to think you have it figured out, but even if you think you do, you have to keep your options open.
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