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Message Subject Truth about the truth movement..and won't the internet won't tell you about Masons/Illuminati
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Sure Bast, You just keep on misleading.

My argument is not that many groups are not infiltrated. It's specifically that Jews with first loyalty interest to Israel (Babylon) are the ones behind the scenes. They are the "rothchilds" and the "steins" and "efellers" THEY ARE THE FAMILIES TRUTH SEEKERS LEARN ABOUT.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1173155

I am not here to mislead. I am not a Jew either to support them. However some of the dirty laundry some rabbis are showing in the air for truth giver to use are too obvious to me.
Secondly you have to be aware of what you define Jews. According to Lucis trust, the Jews will be made to forget that they have been Jews. In fact many of the close to atheist people are of the true Jewish lineage. So pointing the fingers at the Jews is not going to solve the situation. The Jews preaching high that killing the Whore of Babylon (Sophia) because of her gnostic deviations into the Catholic church is not a solution either. All this only brings war and destruction. Do you think you will get peace through pointing the fingers at the Jews or saying you are going to kill Gaia in the name of the Torah because of New-age use that Gaia probably had nothing to do with (or with the rockfellers). I am afraid it is the way they have kept people over centuries against each other and now they use the truth seekers or gnostics against the Jews.
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