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Message Subject Truth about the truth movement..and won't the internet won't tell you about Masons/Illuminati
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Theres the truth :

This planet has been hijacked by the reptilians.

The magnetosphere create the veil. (3d , 4d , fake space view)

The ''elite jews'' are mere puppets to bring forth the NWO blueprint in our 3d.

Fear nothing for as long as you're good , your soul is infinite.

Religions are all without exception , tools of the reptilians. To lead astray people's minds and suck their energies. ( Energies , food , the main purposes of their invasion )

God is real.

We're not alone in this.

The darksiders were never meant to win but to grow us up.

Some of them will be healed after what we could consider hundreds of years , possibly thousands while the most of them will be erased from existance in a not so pleasant way.

For us who remained good , well we got a WONDERFULL inifity of pleasures ahead :P
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