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Subject Scandal? What Happened At Denver Airport Yesterday? 2 Missing Passengers? TSA?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
This story sounds VERY strange. Two men were apparently making a scene on a plane that landed in Denver. TSA was watching the plane after the reports came in, watching it on radad as it approached.

Apparently the Surge Desk reported yesterday that two passengers had been removed by agents who boarded a plane at the Denver airport after complaints came in about two men. The agents took a search dog onto the plane with them. Today a statement was made by the TSA but they made no mention of a second passenger and offered no details about what the suspicious behavior was that was originally reported from the airliner before it reached Denver and TSA declined to reveal the identity of the passenger -- or passengers -- in question. TSA simply said it interviewed the individual and then released him. So...

Someone, somewhere...made a phone call.

I've edited the article to by my own but I found it on a news source that apparently is banned from GLP. Thus, no linkie stinkie.
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