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Message Subject Which countries are not controlled by Masons or Illuminati?
Poster Handle G-Zeus
Post Content
I am CERTAIN Iran is not under control of illuminati or masons. My Dad, a SAVAK Agent and killer for Iran who was stationed it the U.S. told me his loyalty and any true Iranians loyalty is to Iran and that the Shah was pure evil. When the Shah was in power, european, american and jews and their illuminati were doing whatever they wanted in Iran. This pissed off true Muslims of Iran from Qom, and this is what started the housecleaning and slaughter of more than 100,000 Iranian traitors who worked with illuminati and masons in Iran. Iranian Muslims kicked out all jews and christians because they were Illuminati stooges. Muslim Iranians killed anyone who had any dealings with the illuminati or masons. illuminati and masons caused the iran-iraq war because of this. Now Iran is strong. We are the best killers in the history of Earth and we ALLAH's sword. We are nuclear, we are supernatural and divine and we have the backing of the one true GOD/ALLAH. Iran is ALLAH's people. We are the GOOD Djinn. And we WILL kill the illuminati and masons all around the Earth, no matter how much we have to kill. That is why it says ALLAH on our banner.
 Quoting: Mahdi 41292261

That new president is illuminati... no doubt. Sorry dude. Its .01% and the 99.99%. We made the debt they hold it all. And now they will take all the money out of the system and watch everyone tear each others arms off for pieces of paper. Stop paying your BiLls. Game over...
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