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Message Subject I've Had A REALLY Rough Life,But What I've Learned Is...
Poster Handle anniesnow
Post Content
What I learned is compacted in the very first post....Read it.
I am grateful to and love all you GLP'ers who took the time to respond to me. Thank you.You all (most!) are wonderful! Hugs and kisses.

What you ARE is weak over-reacting and pitiful. What you can't trust is your own self. Easier to say "trust no one" when you know you can't trust yourself to make the right decision when presented with a choice. So form so rules not to deviate from so you can take all threats of making another mistake- Ie. I wrecked a car and got mangled. Therefore all cars are bad and not to be trusted. I'll never drive again. Yeah weak and pitiful.

You voted for obummer,didn't you?

No actually I was doing time old girl. But I would've voted for Ron Paul.

Doing time!!!!! HAHAHA!!! No,really...why?

Really you think doing hard time in prison is that funny? You should've been there it was a literal riot! You don't know wtf a hard life is whiner bitch.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 926819

Well,too bad;so sad. I didn't do such a bad thing that I was sent to PRISON.
I don't know what you did and I DONT CARE. I didn't put you there and this thread is NOT about YOU.
Be well and have a Merry Christmas.
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