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Message Subject I've Had A REALLY Rough Life,But What I've Learned Is...
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
So Anniesnow is that you behind that woof on your avatar?

Yes,it is me. Cherokee and Blackfoot.

Anniesnow, nice prose! And I understand where you are coming from. I hope life will be kinder to you in future.

Have a question. You aren't a paid member. I thought only paid members can upload custom avatars. Or were you paid and they just let you keep it?

Maybe I'm wrong on that about the custom avatars but I remember reading that I thought. Does anyone know? Can any member upload custom avatars? I browsed through the canned avatars once and none were that great. Just wondering.

I don't know. I just did it.
 Quoting: anniesnow

NO, THAT IS NOT HER IN THE AVATAR! Only enhanced members can upload pictures to their avatars.

If you are just a registered member, not a paying member, then you will get this message if you try to:

*****Restricted Feature - Enhanced Member Accounts Only

Restricted Feature - Enhanced Member Accounts Only

You have attempted to access a feature that's restricted to enhanced member accounts.
We offer these features to our paying members as a way to thank them for their much appreciated support in keeping Godlike Productions running.

Click here to learn how to upgrade your account!

The base site features are and will continue to be free to every visitor; if you don't want or don't have the possibility of supporting us right now, please click here to go back to where you were!*****

So, Anniesnow, I think you have more problems than you stated in your OP! Maybe some problems with honesty???
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