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Message Subject I've Had A REALLY Rough Life,But What I've Learned Is...
Poster Handle anniesnow
Post Content
You're just funny! I am Cherokee and Blackfoot. I have very long hair,green eyes and weigh 110#I look just like that. You can find my email addy on here if you search.Write me (bitch) and I will send a picture.
'Nuff said.

Haha, the story changes now from "yes, that is me" to "I look just like that". Yeah, right. And I look just like Brad Pitt.

And, no thanks. Don't want your picture. With your honesty how the hell would anyone know it's really you? Or if it is at what age (how long ago) it was taken.

There was some other poster on here who became a paid member and posted her daughter's pic as herself. Someone called her on it by searching her out on facebook.

Geez...we get a lots of nuts on here now but I always tell the truth.No matter what.
Ask Trin.

'Night all.... Love you and thank you for your input and prayers.
PS...the picture I will send was taken 08/28/10...the day brfore my birthday.

"Always tell the truth"?????

Then why when asked how you got the custom avatar uploaded you said, "I just did it."?

That wasn't the truth because if you had tried it you would have gotten the message I posted.

And, again, if you sent/posted a pic I wouldn't believe it was you just by past performance.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 420827

Why is it custom? Shouldn't you be asking Trinity or SHR or DrPostman these questions?
I am a lowly AC become registard. Not looking for trouble.
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