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Message Subject I've Had A REALLY Rough Life,But What I've Learned Is...
Poster Handle anniesnow
Post Content
Pretty much ALL of what is wrong in this world can be summed up in this piece of crap philosophy.

Absolute Values based on Absolute Truth, with a capitol T, do exist. Truth is not just an abstract idea subject to personal manipulation, based on personal opinion.

This thinking is the basis for moral relativism.

Jesus is the Truth.

Funny that you should say that. I do believe in the Father,Son and Holy Spirit;however,I didn't see Jesus stopping that crazy man from breaking my face and raping me.

I'm so sorry to hear about what are only some of the heartbreaking things that you've experienced. As a man myself, I simply can't understand the need for some men to try to CONTROL and inflict pain on people, but especially, against a woman.

I'm glad to see that you do still have a belief system somewhat intact after all that. It doesn't seem like you have placed 'blame' on the Almighty, but I can certainly understand if you did.

Please remember that we are all subject to free will. We have to live with the consequences of our own actions, and unfortunately we have to live with the consequences of the actions of others. It's simply the way life was designed; we all make our choice. You can't know a truly 'good' thing without being able to choose or(even worse)experience bad things. You can rest assured that those who have used their free will for evil will answer in time.

Here's to you, and please know, from this average everyday normal 'man' that there is still kindness and decency out there, and I'm sending you a prayer that it will find you. I'm also praying that when kindness, love, and trust do find you, that you will find the personal strength to accept it. Here's hoping you and yours have a very Merry Christmas and beyond.

OH and P.S. I almost forgot, I'm a totally amatuer (backyard, LOL) musician, and I would LOVE to take your prose and work it into something. It's haunting, and I think with the right music it could be something special. Do you mind?
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