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Message Subject I've Had A REALLY Rough Life,But What I've Learned Is...
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Love is a wonderful thing when you find it at any age....it is even better when he/she can love you back. Congrat!

You see, there are beautiful loving things in life. Your perception of life and focus will determine your happiness because sometimes your soulmate is not in the same life span as you.

With the exception of the "soulmate" phrase (which I hate due to it's titty dancer over use). What you said about the same life span it so true. If you happen to be lucky enough to stave off the ravages of time so that you don't look, act or are percieved as being the age you are(other then wisdom), a person may have came close enough into your "time" to meet up and connect with. I had whored around for years. A lot of hot chicks with no substance. Always have been able to have whatever chick/woman I chose(with a few exceptions). One day I met a chick 15 years younger than me. She was 19 y/o. And it was like magic. We've been together for 10 years and she's stuck with me through the worst of the worst. Great beautiful woman with a heart of gold. I wouldn't trade her for all the money in the world.
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