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Message Subject Mars Global Surveyor finds Pharaoh carved in mountain.
Poster Handle Eagle # 1
Post Content
Op .... Be aware that ANYTHING that detracts from the tiny ego of the nay sayers, mearly shines a light on their fears, and fragile egos.

Many have been 'put down' by parents, siblings and their bosses most of their life. Even minor challenges to long held/cherished beliefs causes massive retaliation to the stated facts, especially here, where fear IS the major theme of most threads.

Rather, be comforted by the FACT that the MAJORITY of the people are WRONG, in the majority of cases, and hold beliefs that have been proven wrong. As the British would say " Mores the pity !"

This find reinforces the idea that there WAS a high civilization on Mars, and it certainly looks like it was transplanted to Earth, more especially Egypt.

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