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Message Subject Mars Global Surveyor finds Pharaoh carved in mountain.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Phobos, is without question an Artificial Moon. Would you like proof?

It would be interesting. I am open minded to believe that this rock we reside on is not the only one with life. Question is, when will the gov'ts of the world deem us "ready" for the knowledge?

Us like in GLP'rs or the Sheeple?
Because obviously the DATA is there to be studied. They knew what was in the picture before it became public domain. The average sheeple will either not care, or deny it.

The general public at large, not just a picture here and there but I guess I am waiting for the infamous "disclosure".

BTW, I am still interested in the info about Phobos being an artificial moon. Thanks.

 Quoting: Smilin' Irish Eyes

This should wet your appetite. High Res Photos of Phobos. Look at all the construction lines and the strange shape. It's probably millions of years old.
There are reports on pockets of atmospheres inside Phobos also. Traced via satellite.
[link to www.enterprisemission.com]
Also i did a show on GLP a few weeks ago called
Compelling evidence for Artificial Moons of our Solar System. It's in the Podcast section.
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