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Message Subject Mars Global Surveyor finds Pharaoh carved in mountain.
Poster Handle Himie
Post Content
Hey guys,

I think it looks like a Pharaoh also, not like anyone cares though...

What I do find extremely interesting that nobody has seemed to notice, or at least hasn't said anything about is, I reviews all the images in series from PIA10209.tif up to PIA10216.tif. 9, 10, and 11 are all of the same same cliff, which I personally doubt is only 39 feet tall. Regardless, in examining the 3 images, the image we are all questioning, ending in 10, is the smallest file size of the 3, with the next largest image being double the size. Image 9, in tiff format, is 44.8 megs, image 10 is 15.6 megs, and image 11 is 30.5 megs. This, in my mind, poses the question, why? Since it is highly unlikely the camera switched in to a lower resolution for the middle image, I, having a strong background in graphics and video production, can only conclude it was a side effect of the image manipulation process used to edit the image. Which then begs the question, why, if images 9 and 11 were left un-doctored, was the image in question modified prior to being posted on the official site? What was in it that was so important, it had to be modified prior to allowing the image out to the public?

These are not stitched images as in 12+, they are single frame stills, so what reason other than obfuscation of the truth could there be to manipulate the image in question?

So while some of you would deny the existence of other life forms even while you were strapped to a table with a probe up yer wazoo, I think it will be hard to deny the image was manipulated. Artifacts a side, of which there are many, an image half the size of the one before it, and 1/3rd the size of the very next image makes it suspect regardless of the already detected anomalies.

I also found that large rock with the flat bottom in the foreground about almost halfway between dead center and the left edge of the image suspect. It appears to me like the head of a dog dislodged from a statue and leaning on it's left ear with the face facing right. Almost like the top of a sphinx.. but that's just my own personal opinion and observation, the file sizes are fact.

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