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Message Subject Mars Global Surveyor finds Pharaoh carved in mountain.
Poster Handle 2342
Post Content
How do you explain this ?

overactive imagination

And being unemployable...

Your unemployed sorry to hear that.

That would be you're; a contraction of "you", and "are"...

Your (see the difference?) inability to comprehend and use basic English is probably why you are unemployable...


Oh, gee i didn't get it the first time. i wasn't being sarcastic was i. You sir are a Moran. Maybe get your eyes checked. Oh wait your a prolix prattle cretin.
Have a nice day. Good luck with the Job Hunt.

Still went over your bald little pate again, eh?

 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 556819

Are you so bored you have to knock on people to get your kicks?
Or are you just trying to ruin a good thread?
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