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Message Subject Mars Global Surveyor finds Pharaoh carved in mountain.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
This is an amazing find. Clearly you can see it is a Pharaoh carved into rock.

How do you explain this ?

IMAGE ( [link to i817.photobucket.com] )

 Quoting: 2342

Very intriguing find 2432(i think I may have seen it before in either pics and or video of mars surface footage). Something to think about for sure. I for one believe either Earth and Mars had relations previously (and there was stargate/wormhole/vortex(which the potrals still exist and are proably operational being used by powers that be or whoever and or are not active and can be/need to be reactivated somehow?) travel between the two planets and others in the Solar system and Galaxy and perhaps Universe as you extend that branch further... or the Martians left over from a disaster came to earth? (infiltrated?)(if anyone even survived w/e it was that exactly happened on Mars? hm just makes you come up with more and more questions which is a good thing. ;)

Who is to say Mars in not inhabited currently by beings livign underground or dimensionally so much theories....hm....but it would seem Earth is the only active "alive" planet in the Solar system...but who knows...hm...

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