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Message Subject The 33rd Degree Freemason Secret
Poster Handle JesusisrealYASHUA!
Post Content
I have new information straight from the newly elected MASON KING whi is also the real Holy Grail. Every translation of the Bible grom Genesis to Revelation was written by a MASON SCRIBE!!! All Emperors, Popes, and Kings were high ranking MASONS with the Hidden Hand. Everything wr know, including the prayer to renouce MASONRY was a Masonic prayer. We have to go back past oral traditions and research for ourselves. He vows to put Masonry back on track towards the only YASHUA UMAMESIA!!! He says the parells of agni and YASHUA is no mistake bc Lucifer have been trying to claim HIS throne since the creation of time. He's on a wise assault against MASONRY as we know it!!! He says this will take time, 300 33rd's, and patiently waiting. He urges, this will not happen over night or Knights, but will happen within 7years of strategies implemented. All interested needs to risk their lives and livelihood by joining forces with the ROYAL KNIGHTS NATIONAL LEAGUE OF EXTRAORDINARY CHRISTIANS, and Bishop Thomas. Tje league influence 300 Senators who are the pioneers of G.O.T.A.R.- Guardians of Of The American Repulic. Most of them the new Tea-Party. Yes, there is s reason why we say Democrats and Republican, it's the real split btw 33rd's. Bishop Thomas is a knowledgeable unaffiliated party. Let the reformation take place througj the Medieval Rite. Know your 14KNIGHTLY VIRTUES!!! Will come in handy. God bless, straight from the King's private Chambers.
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