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Message Subject The 33rd Degree Freemason Secret
Poster Handle Munshka
Post Content
tesla was of venusian descent, the true lineage of teachers of humanity. lived his life by the rules of truth and love towards humanity. his work was meant for the betterment of humanity. this the highest law of true venusian lineage.

so-called masonic organizations of today are not of true venusian lineage. they are not true keepers of the flame. they parade on stolen truths that they keep in secret for themselves. they played their part in history. their only option is to graciously step down, because their time is up. and one way or another they shall bow to Higher Law
 Quoting: andreidita

now this sounds more believable..however i dont think they are of any venusian heritage..their DNA is a double helix not a 30helix one im sure..of course i should have said 33 strands but i couldnt ...they are simply the puppets who chose to believe a lie which i think will end up placing them on a much this time true dark plane ..if i was religious i would have thught oh Antichrist whenever that true masonic info was listed...instead i guess there are many, but many have forgotten and most have ever really known who and what their role is..because if they did , they would have gotten out...there are those of the law of one, the sons of the creative force, animal kingdom, etc...thats how i divide us all actually..except of course for those u think u hate , oh that lucifer group complex ..which will be done with this crappy long sentence as well and whoever will take their place, i guess we could not ever know..oh sorry to just jump on this ,,too much crazy time on my hands :)
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