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Message Subject Bloodlines of the Illuminati
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Christopher Bollyn asked for money after claiming he was beat in front of his house by FBICIA. He went on numerous radio shows asking for money. In reality this was a stunt to puff his name which nobody had previously ever heard, before he went on CNN claiming Jews did 9/11. He then left the country for over a year, it was reported.

Aaron Russon claimed to have cancer and die. His profile does not list who his family were growing up. None of this family was at the fake funeral but was attended by the usual list of alternative media characters, all working for the same cointel agency. We can conclude Russo is alive and well in some other country. He claimed to be Jewish as he asked for money for cancer treatment. There's no proof of this without his early life history and family names. It is more likely he is Catholic retired in Italy of South America.
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