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Message Subject Bloodlines of the Illuminati
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
my bad i didnt see the quote button till after

Bless you OP.

There is need to understand the post-Mengele era. There is need to put to rest these MK nightmares and to discern who this man Fritz Springmeyer is.

Let us imagine that "MK" as Mind Kontrol, is exactly as Christopher Story (now dead) said that it was, still today, used with efficiency. Well, Mr. Story is now dead. Basically he understood and agree with much of what Fritz writes, aka Frankist assheads doing pain to others or whatever, to create multiple personalities.

Let us admit, that the subjects which Fritz discusses, are at the pivot of the discussion of the human race, namely: Is there a human soul, and can it be fragmented or compartmentalized? VERY SIMPLE QUESTION and Fritz, for my money, is worth a whole boatload of psychologists. This guy pulls no punches.

Fritz is a bad ass and deserves to be protected. If even 10% of what he writes is true, then it should be talked about until it is resolved or at least grieved-for.

MERRY F'ING CHRISTMAS and a good night to those who claim to care for the mentally ill but who actually do not care!

 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1172054

i know people who can help get his message out. they may or may not be as willing as me to help him. I know people who just got done doing time also...maybe they remember him. i would hate to see this guy turn jelly after doing time. If he is still at the half way house than it'll be easy.
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