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Message Subject Oklahoma Did It! Why Can't The Other States Passssss These Laws?
Poster Handle 10.30.10.DOOOM
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I am a so-called liberal in Texas. I am for the state sovereignty movement. Don't buy the stereotypes of Texans that you see in the movies.

I would be against putting the 10 Commandments on the state house, though, because I believe in the separation of state and church, just like the founders of this nation believed in the separation of church and state. But if Oklahoma wants to be a theocracy, that's their business.

You do know why Texas doesn't fall off into the ocean, right?

Just kidding -- :)
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1179933

I don't think having the Ten Commandments on the front steps of their capitol makes them a theocracy. It's their right and the ten commandments are pretty universal.

I wouldn't do it though.
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