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Message Subject DMT: Spirit Molecule NEW MOVIE FINALLY RELEASED
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
1) I was confronted by a malicious entity on my first experience. Definitely wasn't a part of "me". Told if to fuck off and it went away though.

Details por favor?
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1178322

It was towards the end of the experience after alot of other stuff had happened. I was completely present, in what i believe to be "astral space" (kinda like being inside a psychedelic lava lamp). I was just observing what was infront of me, all this bright colour and moving "stuff", then this mass of black squiggily lines popped into my "visual field" and began to encroach upon my space. I didn't feel threatened, i was having a fucking blast (!) up until that point, but its presence was "evil"/bad and i immediately knew it to not be of myself. Without thinking i told it to fuck right off, and it receeded back out of my space.

For this reason i feel slightly uneasy about Terence McKennas accounts of letting the "elves" jump in and out of his body. Fact is, we DON'T know what the fuck that space is, and it definitely has life in it.. and some of it may not be friendly.
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