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Message Subject DMT: Spirit Molecule NEW MOVIE FINALLY RELEASED
Poster Handle Opeth
Post Content
Definitely not a lazy path, there is no such thing as laziness when it comes to spiritual work. Additionally, many consider just taking a substance (DMT, mushrooms, etc) is all you have to do, but the real work is when you are sent to the lowest depths of your existence and forced to work it out from the inside. Not a nice place to be, but being able to work like that, for me, is a natural and fulfilling and successful method. Certainly not for the faint hearted, and it is most certainly not a lazy path.
 Quoting: canislatrans

I agree with both of you. Basically, those that are looking for an easy ride are going to be faced with some very intense revelations or fears.... or even horror that will ultimately force some type of growth. Anyone that has delved in such matters know that this really is not the way to go! Hell, most of us probably learned that by reaching a high 3 or our first really difficult experience!

It does have a great deal to do with intention... but I have to tell you... I've had some extremely rough experiences despite all prep & work. (it might have to do with my spontaneous ability to achieve such things but I'm really not sure). I'm sooooo freakishly sensitive to everything psychoactive. I've always wondered about that. The reasoning of it. Seems to be a trait among my native american side of the family, all of whom are 'gifted' in some subtle way. The fact that none of us trip very well is basically CRAZY! I'm well educated on everything I've done. I would appear to be 'the ideal' type for such journeys, yet it's always quite the opposite; though in my younger years I never allowed that to be a deterent, obviously!

IDK, just feeling babbly.... hf
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