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Message Subject DMT: Spirit Molecule NEW MOVIE FINALLY RELEASED
Poster Handle Opeth
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Carlos Castaneda writes about Salvia in one of his books, has some interesting information about it as well. Typically, smoking salvia is not the normal way it is ingested and perhaps that makes things a little too intense? I don't know, but I know with Salvia it is imperative to have a proper intention when taking her, and very important to have a lot of respect for her. Most people I have seen have a bad time with her is when they are not serious at all and just want to get high. That is the worst thing you can do with Salvia.

I agree that there is an unlocking mechanism of sorts but most people are not dedicated psychonauts or want to deal with the struggle to unlock her mysteries.
 Quoting: canislatrans

oh yes, very true. It's always orally ingested in ritual. I'm sure that is a factor as well though you wouldn't think it should be such a HUGE one, pretty odd.

I know alot of deeply spiritual & experienced travellers that haven't had any better luck.... another aspect I find fascinating.
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