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Message Subject DMT: Spirit Molecule NEW MOVIE FINALLY RELEASED
Poster Handle ramone3000
Post Content
I've done it once. Also, 5-MeO-DMT. Don't do the 5MeO.

I would suggest following all warnings you might have read on this thread. It's not a game, toy, joke, or recreational drug.

A few years back while living in Berkeley, a buddy said he has some DMT and sure I'll get a little bit. Held onto it out of mind for a few months.

At the time, I had been having intense, vivid experiences in mediations and in dreams, almost as if the 'visions' and sensations were leading me to discover (re-discover?) a vital part of myself (of which psychedelics have been known to help to feel and heal.)

A good friend (who had done it before) and I went upstairs, he talked to be about some basics, (Keep your eyes closed.. dont freak out.. etc) and proceed to smoke a pipe of the crystal, one person at a time.

I had no expectation about how it would go; I consciously set an intention of respect and inquisition for my journey. When I held the inhale of smoke, I felt my body become less.. dense and started to move away from it. Then, as if i was shot from a cannon, was somewhere else. I knew I was not in my body, but my 'personality', my mind, my point of view, my.. spirit had been propelled into a empty black void. As soon as I recognized this, an overwhelming sense of joy and relief came over me. It was like coming home, seeing an old lover. Nostalgic warm bliss. This passed.. and then I became aware there was another 'entity' in the 'void' I was in.

It (they?) recieved me with warmth, and i sensed they were sort of flattered / giggled that I was clinging to this intention of respect and curiosity towards who or whatever I might experience.

They then asked me if I wanted to 'go all the way'.

I laughed and said no way! Thanks, but I think i am content here, and would like to explore where I was. Thinking about this now, I really don't know where wither 'place' was, I have some lofty guesses about to where I declined my invite, but, humbly, no idea.

They then said (this was all done non-verbally..) if I was to ever return here, there were to be conditions.

1. that my body was to be in very good shape- good by the ideals of yoga/taoism, open channels, strong, flexible, much time into a dedicated and thorough spiritual discipline. and,
2. that the 'place' i did it was very important. "They" "said" it must have good symmetry, clean, a certain tranquility to it. I 'said' what about the Taj Mahal? (I dont know why, never been there, but its a mental image of idealistic symmetry and feng shui. They said yes something like the taj.. or a mountain.. not too strict, just guidlines

This all has happened in a couple of seconds.

Then.. 'they' became visible!

At this point I felt 'it/they' to be a 'she'

She was a golden orb.

The black void I was in has a depth to it, like i could look 'down the way' and oddly around things, if there were things to look around. I could freely move my point of perception.

The Golden Orb came closer and closer to me. I started feeling excited. Sexy. Tingley. Erotic.

The Orb and I had a cosmic, tantric, orgasmic, erotic, telepathic love making session. The whole time I was feeling the most powerful, lucid and 'intellegent' orgasm I had know. (just the sensations..)

We went at it for most of the time I was there. At one point I looked behind her and saw that rather than a perfectly spherical shape, she had a depth, in fact it look like a snake or some phallic imagery. Like you were looking at just a snake's head straight-on, unable to see the several feet of body 'behind' it at that angle.

I came back to my body and was .. well, elated, astonished, some how I felt enriched, cleansed, renewed and rejuvinated for life. Dying has been known to do that..

I would NOT NOT NOT recommend 'trying it out' if you have doubts about your intention, or need for it. I have not heard many (any!) stories similar to mine, most I have heard are benign tales of an (to quote McKenna) 'illumination flare' one has shot off in their internal landscape. I have no direct experience with some having a 'bad' time, but then again, I tend to befriend the psyche-nauts, we have a built in way of navigating these strange waters :)

As it turns out, reality is not only stranger than we imagine, reality is stranger than we can imagine.
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