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Message Subject DMT: Spirit Molecule NEW MOVIE FINALLY RELEASED
Poster Handle Opeth
Post Content
I agree that even sometimes proper intention is not enough, but then again, wasn't it? When we have a bad trip, or a difficult trip as I prefer to call them, it is often because our intentions have ultimately brought us to that place. We trip because we want knowledge, we want healing, and often to have those things we are brought to very unsatisfactory or scary places, most often times they exist inside ourselves. In order to have knowledge or healing, we are in turn brought to those places inside ourselves. They are blocks that prevent us from having that information or healing. So, with the aid of the mushrooms or DMT or whatever substance you are on, they will provide instructions on how to release those blocks. Oftentimes when a person has a bad trip, it is because they are brought right to those blockages when they were expecting to party and have a good time. Or they are brought there, and are unable to properly integrate or release those energy blocks inside us. The mushrooms and DMT want to help us remove those blocks, but they can lead us down a bad path if we are not able to follow their direction.
 Quoting: canislatrans

Oh yes, of course. We do not get to choose the methodology of our healing, unfortunatley! It can be pretty brutal, yet always simultaneously beautiful!

The best I've been able to ascertain (on a personal level) is that I am meant to keep my focus here in this realm. As I mentioned, I can achieve alterned states spontaneously, both willingly and unwillingly (*sigh*). It seems to be on some kind of 'need to know' basis. Very hard to convey what I am trying to express....

I've mentioned in other threads that I seem to at times have a hard time 'staying in my body'. I am pretty positive this is all related....
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