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Message Subject Alien Interview - Victor Returns after 11 years - "End times are upon us."
Poster Handle dumpling dude
Post Content
He is making it sound the the television series the EVENT.

If you have kept up with the series at all you would have seen they launched a satellite that sent comminications to their home.

They will be coming to save them and the dumb ass governments are going to fight them with the humans they conditioned into believing they are bad.

The aliens will destroy everyone involved but leave the innocents who had nothing to do with this.

It will happen exactly like this.

Whether or not our planet will be salvaged will be up to our governments.
Because in their futile attempts to win the war they will go nuclear.

Some humans will be saved and taken with them to their home.

They will be viewed as innocent brainwashed victims of an evil species which killed the planet.

They will also be integrated into the alien society.
Whether on earth or their home.
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