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Message Subject Alien Interview - Victor Returns after 11 years - "End times are upon us."
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
i think there are many important things to pay attention to, like when he says that the president is a puppet, an artifical president... that the vp really has the power. maybe we all need to pay more attention to what the vp's are doing. they are the man behind the curtain so to speak. i think obama is also an artifical president...

I do agree that Cheney seemed more in the know than Dubya.

So, If McCain would have won, Palin would have been VP...`cause she´s so clever...

if anybody thinks that American voters still play a role in the election, they are sadly mistaken. voting machines are smokescreen to fool the sheeple/masses, keep up appearances.

That`s not what I said. If the VP power thing that "Victor" talks about was true, Palin would never have been nominated for that. I could expand on that but that would be an energy waste.

i think palin was another chess move... there was never any intent for that party to make it. i agree with you
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You don`t have to agree, just sayin.
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