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Message Subject Alien Interview - Victor Returns after 11 years - "End times are upon us."
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
no. i watched the victor video earlier today and was wondering a bit while studying for my ccna. i took a break and was thinking that those trumpet sounds that people are hearing reminds me of "war of the worlds" movie. and then i was thinking of this old art bell interview about a time traveller talking about a war with the greys in 2051 and how they aren't in linear time. and then i started thinking about how the aliens jumped from outer space into those machines(in the movie) in the war of the worlds. when i was watched the movie back in the day i couldn't piece why the aliens would have to jump/zap teleport into the machines and then it clicked in. we could be at war with the greys this whole time but since they can't jump to a year and stick they appear up in the sky randomly and in random years. hence why they jumped into their machines because their ufo's couldn't maintain in this time space/reality. so then i started thinking about this youtube video of victor talking and it reminded me of something, but i can't put my finger on it yet. i've been watching/reading every conspiracy on this planet. i mean i've heard everything. plus a background in freemasonry combine with internet conspiracy i'm in the know... well for a bottom feeder in the pyramid system! but still can't figure it out. maybe i'll get my linux cluster back up and start web crawling for key words again! what's really weird is that he wouldn't even talk about 911, i mean victor that is. this give me more reasoning 911 was done by isreal art students. (but that's a whole other story!). i mean what is the world going to do when they find out the usa fed is buying up all the mortgage's and selling them on the derivative market!!! it's going to get ugly. oh with 2012 and a geographic polar flip is very unlikely plus i'm on watch with nasa dudes and gov't dudes and nothing in the matrix suggest it. i've even been watching scientist that went missing, but just the usual inventors/ex-high ranking shadow gov people are dying not the rock scientist so yea, i think it's only like 12% chance for electromagnetic flip via solar flare(minor) and 0.1% for a geo polar flip. um hmmm this post didn't make sense. just rant'd on. sorry! :(
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