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Message Subject Alien Interview - Victor Returns after 11 years - "End times are upon us."
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
The zionist imperialists (those who worship money and power) are running the show.

behind the curtain, of course, is you-know-who.
 Quoting: Salt

Hey Salt, I see you haven't been banned yet (or have you ;) )
I wonder if I have been getting it so much because I openly talk about you-know-who! :)

the L-ster... L-cooperfield, L-boogie, L-meister flash... :) i love how when Bob Dylan refers to him on 60 minutes he comes up with his own lil' descriptor: "the chief commander" lol!

[link to youtu.be]


as for Zionistas... methinks they are controlled via vaticano... but it doesn't really matter.... L-boogie will work through anyone, seems like... who is not protected by Christ w daily prayers and reading the bible...

interesting, heard somewhere that Jesus Christ is going to take his place in Jerusalem, hence the actual import of the place to the zionistas... and L-boogie...

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