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Subject Mankind --- From an Alien Point of View
Poster Handle We Who Watch
Post Content
10/5/2011 Update: I began this thread almost a year ago to expound some truth to those who might find it. I spoke of some of visitors, what they did, why they did it, a little bit of how they did it, and what their advanced form of government was like. I gave a method for mankind around the world to bring about peaceful change. These posts still lead to something that is not that hard to hear.....

Summarized: "They" have been here for a long time. They believe there is a large likelihood that mankind will destroy his own species, so they have been collecting genetic material for many decades. Now they can perform a generalized scan of you in your own house and use that to make duplicates of you with the base personality. Think of a copy of you, but only with the basic good/bad basic tendencies.

If they "take" you these days they are making a full scan of you so they can completely clone you, your thought patterns, your memories if they so desire. Think of you, and the copy is you!

They would rather know us and trade with us, but they make preparations for replacing the species should we kill ourselves. Why aren't they "out in the open" now? Blame your world leaders.

If you really want to know some truth, read this thread.

At least I am not trying to sell you a book, movie, or other thing to make money off of you. I don't even try to become "known" or famous. I'd just like for you to at least once hear some truth so you can start to connect the dots.

Beginning of original thread: Your body is a vessel, a container for this 3d dimension. "You" are an energy within a biochemical reaction within the body's brain. That would be the technical description, but there is more to man.

Unusual creativity offset by a capacity for unmatched savagery. Capable of stepping outside of oneself with love and compassion while also embodying the capability for exceptional greed and avarice. Potential for good: incredible. Potential for evil: also incredible.

Which version of man does an alien presence meet? Will an aware mankind be a partner who trades their creativity for knowledge and in so doing devise new concepts and uses for the knowledge or will mankind pervert knowledge to evil uses, continuing his history of killing and enslaving his own kind?

No advanced civilization wants to be the owner of the pet python that strangles him to death. Mankind is the cute and cuddly little creature that is so adorable, yet has a poisonous bite. If man could just lose the poison....
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