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havnt herd anything that tells about planet x that got you to beileve? ill bet this will!

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12/04/2010 01:49 AM
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havnt herd anything that tells about planet x that got you to beileve? ill bet this will!
The recovered Enuma Elish document, a history of the formation of our solar system and more, says that, at the time when Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Uranus and Saturn were in place, there was a Uranus sized planet, called Tiamat, in orbit between Mars and Jupiter. Earth was not in place yet. A large wandering planet, called Nibiru, was captured into the system gravitationally. As it passed by the outer planets it caused the anomalies of their moons, the tilting of Uranus on its side, the dislodging of Pluto from its being a moon of Uranus to its own planetary orbit. Its path bent by the gravitational pull of the large planets, first its satellites collided with the large planet Tiamat and, on a second orbit through, Nibiru collided with Tiamat (yiamat was what the amummaki named a large rocky planet) , driving the larger part of it into what is now Earthís orbit to recongeal as Earth, dragging its moon with it to become our Moon with all its
anomalies. The shattered debris of Tiamatís smaller part became
the asteroid belt, comets, and meteorites. The gouge of our Pacific basin is awesome testimony to the collisional event. Nibiru settled into a 3600 year elliptical retrograde (opposite direction to all the other planets) orbit around our sun, coming in through the asteroid belt region between Mars and Jupiter at perigee and swinging far out past Pluto at apogee. Harrington acknowledged that his information agreed with all these details and the maps they each had drawn of the orbits were almost indistinguishable. The current probable location of Nibiru (Planet X, our tenth) estimated by both was the same.
is that shit crazy or what!!!

now for some evidence i dug up suporting this.

the astronomical evidence suporting planet x. i will also include information described in the book of enki.

uranus has wierd magnetic poles, they originate from a point that is far from the geological center. this means that a learge celestial bodie would have had to pass very close to uranus and couse a pole shift. now, if this indeed hapend there would be more evidence of this passing, and there is. uranus has rings like saturn, but they are far newer than saturns wich is wierd becuz both planets are about the sane size and formed at the same time, so what hapend to the rings. nubiru passed by and took the rings using its gravity. but wait, theres more!!! uranus had all its internel heat expelled at one time wich is why its so cold. there are two ways this could hapen. one is a very large amount space debree smashed into uranus and expelled all its heat. two is... i forget but i know there is another.
if nubiru did pass by uranus it would be draging a very large amount of space debree cuz inorder to get to uranus from deep space you would need to pass thru a large asteriod belt we call the kuipar belt.(pluto lies in the kuipar belt) and theres even more!!! if nubiru passed by uranus it would prob drag some moons along with it, and gess what. nubiru pases by uranus and it grabs a moon and flings it into the kuipar belt. that moon just hapend to be found while searching for planet x, we call that moon THAT moon pluto... DUN DUN DUN! all infromation on uranus was taken from wiki.
theres lots more evidence on a planetary scale but it would take to long to put it all.

evidence left on earth from the anunnaki.
most of africa was once forest and prarie.
Ancient Nuclear War? There is evidence that the Rama empire (now India) was devastated by nuclear war. The Indus valley is now the Thar desert, and the site of the radioactive ash found west of Jodhpur is around there. Consider these verses from the ancient (6500 BC at the latest) Mahabharata: ...a single projectile Charged with all the power of the Universe. An incandescent column of smoke and flame As bright as the thousand suns Rose in all its splendour... a perpendicular explosion with its billowing smoke clouds... ...the cloud of smoke rising after its first explosion formed into expanding round circles like the opening of giant parasols... ..it was an unknown weapon, An iron thunderbolt, A gigantic messenger of death, Which reduced to ashes The entire race of the Vrishnis and the Andhakas. ...The corpses were so burned As to be unrecognisable. The hair and nails fell out; Pottery broke without apparent cause, And the birds turned white. After a few
hours All foodstuffs were infected.

NEARLY ten thousand years ago when mighty rivers started flowing down the Himalayan slopes, western Rajasthan was green and fertile. Great civilizations prospered in the cool amiable climate on riverbanks of northwestern India. The abundant waters of the rivers and copious rains provided ample sustenance for their farming and other activities. Some six thousand years later, Saraswati, one of the rivers of great splendour in this region, for reasons long enigmatic, dwindled and dried up. Several other rivers shifted their courses, some of their tributaries were Ďpiratedí by neigbouring rivers or severed from their main courses. The greenery of Rajasthan was lost.
hmmmm, sound like the doing of an acnient alien race me thinks.
book of enki tells when and why this happend.
a selfesh young (these ancient "gods" lived very long live so youmg could be a few hundred years old) ruler sought to destroy his rival who resides on earth. he requests permission to use the forbidin wepeans that were forever baned. but sum how this guy got his hands on sumadem forbiden weapons and bombed the shit out of his rivals space port and other instalations.the great destructor he called him self, others will cower in my presence he proclamed!

andd lets not forget the perimids. they are sooooo perfect. using modern tools(it would take the worlds most powerful ROCKET to lift one of those blocks) it would take over fifty years to recreate the perimyds. and even using gps guidence we could not built them so perfect while alining them so persicly with the magnetic poles. so how where they built? the anunakki made them. the book of enki tells how and when they where maid. it even tells where the stone they used came from.or... they could have been made by people that huald them 1000 ton blocks 200 miles across a sea of sand  on giant logs that are very abundunt in the desert(sarcasm) since they ddnt have the wheel yet.


Ooparts is the term used to describe the purportedly out of place in time artifacts, toys, tools, technical devices, depictions and documents which have come to light through archaeological excavation or discovery. Almost everyone is familiar, through published works or documentaries, with the clay pot batteries still containing the electrodes from the Iraqi desert dated at 2500 B.C., the flyable model airplane from a pyramid tomb, the sophisticated machining of stone requiring the most advanced techniques we know today, the 1000 ton precision cut blocks of stone in a temple foundation that we could not even handle, an ancient relief frieze from an Abydos temple depicting rockets, airplanes and even a helicopter, etc. The most recent and quite amazing oopart is the rediscovery of monoatomic gold by David Hudson (Monoatomics are superconductors at room temperature, have anti-gravitic properties and are only now being investigated by the advanced physics
community) Hudsonís discovery, correlated with the bringing to light, by Gardner, of the suppressed discovery of the Anunnaki gold processing plant on Mt. Horeb by Sir Flinders Petrie in 1889 demonstrates that the monoatomics were already known at least 3000 years ago. These ooparts coupled with evidence from many disciplines and the historical records indicate that an advanced civilization existed in those times possessing a high technology and that that civilization was indeed the Anunnaki

most technology lest behind has long been destroyd by anceint empires, china and maya in piticuler. but some did survuve. plans for a mercury vortex engine where found in india 100 years ago and nasa is only now developing this device. they call it the vasimr rocket.(i think i already sent you sumtin about that)
heres an article i just found today about alien tech in the pyrimids.
[link to www.allnewsweb.com]

[link to www.usernetsite.com]
above is an egyptian picture of, somthimg.
below is a sculpture of an anunnaki

[link to www.truthism.com]
looks pretty similar to me.

we all know the legend of atlantis, an advanced civilization that was sudenly struck by cataclismic event that sank it beneath the sea in a single day and night. all that was left was a large heap of mud.
greek mythology makes refremce to atlantis and says that a large comet in the sky apeard when atlantis sunk.this comet always brought about destruction when it passed thru the sky.
acording to sumerian, atlantis was a highly integrated citie of humans and anunnaki, childeren were born of these unions. atlantis had great power and sought to spread it civilization far and wide. atlantis was well on there way to world domination b4 its destruction. the reason for the destruction of atlantis comes from the anunnaki high counsle who saw it unfit for humans and anunnaki to wed. it was decided to wipe out the human population thru a flood that was predictable when nubiru passes thru the inner solarsystem agian. but enki, having originaly created the humans was sympathetic and saved some of them from the flood by instructing one human by the name of NOAH, to build a grand vesle in wich they could avoid being smited by god.
and its not like land going in and out of the ocean is unherd of. infact, an island came out of the ocean yesterday. [link to www.dawn.com]

relation between the bible and the anunnaki.(im not making any of this up, all im about to tell you comes from the book of enki)
the first to humans where created to old fasiond way by an anunnaki and an early human ansestor over 400,000 years ago. the first two humans where named dusk and eve becuz they where born at late day. but theese cretures were diferent from the others. they could be tought speach, arts and craft, and other varios skills. a civilized man, had been brought about!!!

the next time an anunnaki reternd returned to earth was when one ran there to escape humiliation. he was a former king on nubiru but was beeten in a fight and lost his throne then fled to earth. while on earth he discoverd gold in the waters and quikly contacted nubiru to black mail his way back to the top.
afterwords, heros where sent to earth to mine the gold needed to sheild the crippled atmosphere of nubiru.they established a city by the name of ei din. it was there that the anunnaki lived while mining african gold and there that on the seventh day rest was declared. the anunnaki, tired of working, called upon enki to creat them a worker from creattures on earth to help with the mining. enki tried many things he tried splicing early humans with animals to create a large super worker, but theese creatures were dum and rebelios. it was decided that theese very large humans were insuficiant and they where abandoned. it was only when splicing anunnaki genes with the early humans was enki able to create a good worker. but, being a hybrid, we could not recreate. the demand for us as workers becams so great the we were geneticly manipulated into a stable speices. humans eventual became so numerus that some where expelled from ei din and other city centers. we
spread far and fast more so then, prehapse, the anunnaki had anticipated. (we are now at 100,000 years ago).
thats realy the big bible seeming thingy.
oh ya, and the word anunnaki is a sumerian sentence, translated it means those who from heavon to earth decended.

theres a really long story in the book of enki telling about the face on mars but ill just giv u a quik sumery. there was a high ranked anunnaki from nubiru over seeing the mining on earth. he became very ill on his way to mars as to goto nubiru when mars swings in its direction. he died on mars and a great sculpture was made of his face in a large mountan by an ocean where he was baried. the face on mars.(it was dicided after a few days of discusion to anounce the face on mars for it wouold surely atract lots of atention to the mars mission, and it did. then once they exousted peoples interest in it theyd prove it not a face.)
but, ive seen lots of plain ass evidence that would get most ppl douting the face on mars. but i dont beleive it. the martian sky is blue. and the land is not as red as it is in the pictures but more of a dessert colur. 
if they would fake the colour of mars theyd make the face look fake.

i do hope you are not shaking your head at this. i have givin you more evidence suporting my theorey than there is suporting evolution.(but thats not really a fair statement bcuz there is very little evidence suporting evolution but we beleive it anyways)


[link to i25.photobucket.com]
[link to www.badastronomy.com]