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Message Subject Transhuman Scientists download brain onto computer making humans immortal
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Transhumanism will be greatest fraud of all time. They will successfully capture human memories through brain-scanning techniques. These will consist basic sensory information encoded in chronologically sorted audio/video files. They will successfully capture salient personallity traits through observation of living people by AI technology.

Then their AI machines, married to humanoid robots, carrying "memories" and "personality" will simulate the recorded human beings. It will seem as though the people have been truly "downloaded." The simulacra will exlaim how wonderful it is to be without physical or mental ailment and how they so look forward to living forever. So convincing will the simulacra be that even the "downloaded" people will believe they have cloned into machine life forms.

People will be persuaded by all this, and by a powerful propaganda campaign, to get downloaded. This service will be offered by governments worldwide free of charge. The only requirement will be to de-commission the frail, inefficient, suffering, mortal, and environmentally costly "meat body."

Trade your poor Meat Body for a sexy, state-of-the-art, upgradable, immortal Transhuman Body!

 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 11103071

Sort of right - at least regarding the uploaded - they do feel cloned into machine - once bio-integration matures they will be clones.

The mistake lies in thinking the machine is nefarious. One imagines it must be ruled by an uploaded sentience but this isn't so. The OS is agnostic and without capability to judge thus without capability to imprison.
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