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Message Subject Transhuman Scientists download brain onto computer making humans immortal
Poster Handle Blue Dragon God
Post Content

I do not recognize the authority of the Illumni nor do I fall subject to their childish ways...

They are subject to me.

Chart that.
 Quoting: Blue Dragon God

Illuminati is not what you learn from Lady Gaga videos or Jay Z.

The Illuminati are astrological and mystic seers that study the planets and the Pythagorean theorims.

You know... I find it to be both, but it still has no effect on my thoughts...

So... they look into the stars for their answers...?

Good for them.

I look into my bowl of alphabet soup and can predict the end of their kind...

I am not attempting to belittle your area of expertise...

It's just my wild and crazy philosophy to never understand (to stand beneath) any one or anything just because others may do so.

The magic tricks they do... can be done by almost anyone... given a bit of training and gnosis...

So.. you see... I am not dazzled by the so called ..Gods...
 Quoting: Blue Dragon God

The Stars, (distant suns) and planets are not use useless blobs of rocks and gases for decoration. The wisdom of God made them to be satellites to help guide us and energize our life experience

Scientists admit that we are bombarded with electro magnetic signals all the time from space . Just like the Sun and Moon, all planets in our solar system have purpose. part of Gods wisdom .


Well... if it works for you.... then do it.

It is my findings that ensure me that although energies can and do affect us from far away...(and nearby for that matter)

Everything we need to move forward is already here... with us now... right here in our hands...

Yet... instead of acknowledging the responsibility of our own powers... we seem to ignore them and seek off into far away distant realms most of which are metaphysical...

A distraction from what is truly at hand...

Your discovery of self...

Always looking outwards... but never inwards.
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