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Message Subject Transhuman Scientists download brain onto computer making humans immortal
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
The act of changing the hardware of conciousness changes the conciousness itself.
 Quoting: Dionysian Fullaflatus

Currently.. the masses are told that the human brain is the only computer that can do such a thing...

I believe it to be more correct to say... the human brain is the only computing device that we know off to do such a thing...

Generally speaking of course...
 Quoting: Blue Dragon God

Except that even science is now discovering that consciousness does not reside solely in the brain - it is encoded in our DNA.
 Quoting: Da Purple Chicken

No it is not but sounds good for the new wave of DNA obsessed geneticists. Consciousness is not something that can be encoded. But you are free to believe the lies.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 10982491

Consciousness is in the Body organs too. Its why the Egyptians had special jars for all the organs. People that recieve organ transplants often acquire personality changes of those of the donor.
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