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Message Subject Transhuman Scientists download brain onto computer making humans immortal
Poster Handle Blue Dragon God
Post Content
It always surprises me to see the fear and apprehension from humans about transcending using technology.

Do you not see that god, our creator built these machines into the grand design and seeks to utilize them for greater heights?

Is it not apparent that if we accomplish the hybridization of man and machine it was destined to be?

Why wail and fret like children when god has empowered us to help craft our own future transcendence as god did gods own?
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 10183013

Our physical bodies are meant to be finite. Tinker with machines all you like, it is not immoral to do so, but the soul will still depart when it needs to. Anyone who experiences what it's like beyond the veil would never want to artificially extend their natural life. Even if we lived in a utopian society, the higher dimensions are still better.
 Quoting: overmind

The Higher dimensions are believed to be better.. as far as quality of existing.

But without an area of strife...learning is limited...

and I know of no better teacher than experience.
 Quoting: Blue Dragon God

I agree with that, however there is also a limit on the number of different experiences one can have during this life. Extending life won't change this, except for adding the new experience of living longer than previously possible. But I doubt that actually leads to soul growth if it doesn't help you become more spiritual. To me, extending the life seems to create limitations because it only stalls what new things you will experience after the body dies. I view it as a form of procrastination. Unless there is some task to be accomplished in this life that requires me to live longer, living longer than 80-90 years serves no point. Not everyone will do marvelous things during retirement.
 Quoting: overmind

Yes... but that is your opinion. If left up to the individual, then I could say quite confidently that there would be many who would choose a longer life.

IMO.. death serves a purpose. A reset if you will.

I find it probable that is previous life expediences were accessible to us in this life time... that it would be a distraction to most... given that guilt of past mistakes could possibly overcome some individuals. I say this because so very few are able to overcome guilt and are imprisoned by it... and on the other side of the coin...t hose who should have it... do not.

Perhaps those who see it this way would choose a shorter life... but again having the choice... is something that is further away that the technology itself..
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