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Message Subject Transhuman Scientists download brain onto computer making humans immortal
Poster Handle overmind
Post Content

Our physical bodies are meant to be finite. Tinker with machines all you like, it is not immoral to do so, but the soul will still depart when it needs to. Anyone who experiences what it's like beyond the veil would never want to artificially extend their natural life. Even if we lived in a utopian society, the higher dimensions are still better.
 Quoting: overmind

The Higher dimensions are believed to be better.. as far as quality of existing.

But without an area of strife...learning is limited...

and I know of no better teacher than experience.
 Quoting: Blue Dragon God

I agree with that, however there is also a limit on the number of different experiences one can have during this life. Extending life won't change this, except for adding the new experience of living longer than previously possible. But I doubt that actually leads to soul growth if it doesn't help you become more spiritual. To me, extending the life seems to create limitations because it only stalls what new things you will experience after the body dies. I view it as a form of procrastination. Unless there is some task to be accomplished in this life that requires me to live longer, living longer than 80-90 years serves no point. Not everyone will do marvelous things during retirement.
 Quoting: overmind

Overmind, if we could get this world up to even 150 years of decent life, you would not believe what could happen in a very good way. Our lives here are far too short and typical of the short lives on prison wards, its designed that way to keep the prisoners out of trouble. But when we clear some of the problems on this world, there is so much more to learn that man would not minding living in this experience for a thousand years and we should strive to that goal.

There is reincarnation. Nothing short of the spirit photon form, does not need a body to experience in. Heaven is no some place of bliss, and you can't take this body to heaven, so you are given new bodies as needed in the lower heaven realms. YOu cannot affect change and learning without a semi physical form, IN FACT. Since you read the UB, have you not noticed the NEW BODY given on the first mansion world. This is still incarnation dear one, like of it or not.

And spirit beings from Paradise like myself, cannot interact in this world, except by trying to influence people mentally to do it for us, which is why the dark satanic teachings that people cannot connect with others via mind. This prevents you Christians from LISTENING, so we have to incarnate to show the way and help lift the planet in this manner. There is no blissful heaven where you reside without using some sort of form, period.

By saying 80 to 90 years is enough is making the statement that man is too stupid to live longer.
 Quoting: Nobody in Particular

I was under the impression that most people on more developed worlds still had a life expectancy close to 100 years, and that most skip death through fusion with the Indwelling Spirit anyway. I know that gaining a new morontia body is a form of incarnation, but reincarnation means having multiple physical births, which seems to go against the usual incarnation process for Ascending Sons. I think it would be far easier for spirits to incarnate the same way Machiventa Melchizedek did, even if what you said were to be true.

By saying 80-90 years is enough, I'm saying that man is fully capable of reaching the height of what they can spiritually accomplish in the flesh within such a short time-frame. I don't think it takes over 80 years to fuze with the Father Fragment if the person is determined enough. I'm not saying we are too stupid to live longer, I'm saying it isn't always necessary.
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