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Message Subject Type in "Illuminati" backwards then .com in your address bar..and press enter
Poster Handle Economic Meltdown
Post Content
Supposed response I found from last year:

Link: [link to www.basilmarket.com]

(about half way down)

Subject: RE: ITANIMULLI.COM just some questions i have

From: John Fenley (Add as Preferred Sender)

Date: Sun, Dec 20, 2009 1:33 am

I decided to forward the domain Itanimulli.com domain to the NSA as a joke... kind of like a rickroll + shock site. I registered the website years ago precisely because it does spell Illuminati backwards, but didn't really do anything with it for a long time. When I had the idea to forward the domain to the NSA I couldn't pass it up, and couldn't stop laughing...

I don't believe that the Illuminati actually exists, and only one black helicopter has ever buzzed my house (that's a whole other story). I'm not sure what the New World Order Plan is, but if you have more information, I'll gladly tell you what I think of it.

I am not an employee of the NSA or DARPA, though I have participated in several DARPA contests including the 2 Grand Challenges, the Urban Challenge and the recent Network Challenge.

Thanks for your interest,
John Fenley
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