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Message Subject Letting Go of The Past & Forgiveness - Dealing with Sentimental Character
Poster Handle FNG
Post Content
Your past is your life lesson. What did you learn from it, how will you apply it to living in the present.

For example, I won't date pretty, narcissistic, self-absorbed disloyal women. See, I learned they only bring pain. Screw them an pain!

There is so much to be learned in life!
 Quoting: FubarMan

^^^ This

And, you do have to move on at some point. Our lives are not one continual timeline. It's broke down into periods I like to think of as mini lives. You learn, you grow, then you change and move on/start over. My HS flame called me up a few months ago and was going through what you are I believe. I missed the call and she was wanting to get together since she was in town, then when I called back she said she was already headed back home. I think she just had a real bad time with her asshole husband and thought of me. Her mom gave her hell forever for breaking it off for no good reason. Our good memories are our safe places to go when we are having a hard time in our current life. As long as you remember that, the nostalgia can be a good thing as long as you only think about those times and don't try to resurrect them. =)
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