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Message Subject WHY DO WITCHES HAVE LONG HAIR? Is it linked to magical powers?
Poster Handle Monster
Post Content
Most drawing and paintings of witches of past were in a time where all women had long hair, it was the fashion of the time, and most were not witches they were midwives, they were sorta the Doctor of the poor useing herbs and nature cures, and of course real doctors didnt like someone taking there clients, also the town would accuse anyone they didnt like of witchcraft to get rid of them, but the hair does help with the electromagnetic field, just like under arm hair and hair on different parts of the body, but fashion has you shaving all body hair. Did you know everyones hair only grows so long, that even letting your hair grow and never cutting it it will stop growing at a certain length, your hair may grow longer than mine, it just stays at a certain length
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