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United Kingdom
12/08/2010 05:14 PM
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In Paul Drocktons radio prog. Robert tells of the abuse suffered on an occasion by Hollie, afterwards being beaten by her father with a belt to frighten her into not talking, which he succeeded in doing for a long time. ‎..then the others took part over the months and years via an organised paedophile ring, abusing a total of 22 children in all, Robert relates.
These people must pay for these horrendous crimes committed on a girl barely 6 years old and others. Hollie has been proven to be a very competant witness, according to the testimonies of respected doctors, and her statements about the events that happened should be taken as factual, along with her naming of 14 other children she knew to have been abused by the same gang...and the papers phone me up and say they wont be reporting the case {Daily Mail}. Words cannot express how im made to feel about these people inflicting their evil on vulnerable children, and theyre probably still doing what they do to some poor child who is too frightened to do anything, or know any better, and thinks its normal...what an absolute disgrace the police have done nothing except hinder any investigation, even carrying a raid on Anne Greigs home without the legal requirement - a warrant signed by a magistrate, and also taking private property during that raid, and doing untold unnessacarydamage. None has been forthcoming even thpough theyve been asked reepeatedly and how the papers and BBC have turned their backs on this horrific abuse and effectively covered it up ...and as for Angilioni, the so-called "Procurator Fiscal" of Scotland who openly lied as Robert tells us here, and her band of lawyers Levy and McCrae who were paid out of the public purse for dubious activities, the less said the better...the whole coverup is an outrage, let alone the unspeakable crimes..
Every supporter thanks the much respected Henry Makow for showing Robert Greens article on the Hollie Greig case on his site - www.henrymakow.com =
"Short Summary of Hollie Greig Case December 6, 2010
"I asked Robert Green to do a synopsis of this case for those of us who are playing catch-up. This case confirms the UK is a Masonic police state, if any confirmation were needed. But it also proves that satanists can be exposed and eliminated. by Robert Green (for henrymakow.com) This is already a huge international story, with hundreds of pages on the web, but I will summarize this exceedingly complex story into as brief a commentary as I can. It is important to note that whilst Hollie Greig has Down`s Syndrome, expert documentary opinion states that she is both a competent and entirely truthful and credible witness. Due to her condition, Hollie does not bring out all memories of the background at once, with the result that we are still learning about new atrocities. Much of this is not yet in the public domain, but is of a most significantly horrifying and sickening nature, going way beyond the bounds of sexual gratification. These incidents took place in the city of Aberdeen, Scotland. THE CRIMES Hollie has testified that she has been sexually abused by 22 named individuals, including her father, who first raped her at the age of six, then her brother, followed by her systematic and continuous ordeals at the hands of a paedophile rape gang, which included a member of the judiciary, a senior police officer, her own head teacher, her carer and other professionals. Hollie also named seven other children she had witnessed as victims of sexual abuse by the gang. Hollie`s uncle, Roy Greig, was found dead in a stationary burnt-out car on 17th November 1997. Hollie did not tell her mother Anne of the sexual abuses until 2000, when Hollie was twenty. The following year, 2001, Hollie told her mother that her Uncle Roy had walked in one day and found her father abusing her sexually. The father threatened to have Roy killed. Shortly afterward Roy was found dead. Eleven days after Hollie had named the gang members to the police, a raid was made on her home and without a warrant, her mother Anne was kidnapped, assaulted publicly and thrown into a mental institution, despite having no history of mental illness whatsoever. Hollie was handed back by Aberdeen`s Social Services Department, which had instigated Anne`s abduction, to her abuser father. Anne subsequently managed to get away from the institution and through her solicitor, an eminent specialist pronounced her perfectly sane.
After the sex crimes were reported, the Chief Prosecutor for Aberdeen, a friend of the abuser judge, blocked any meaningful investigation. According to the police report, no crime was committed. Nonetheless, Hollie was awarded £13,500 from public funds to compensate her for a crime that, according to the authorities, did not exist. By all accounts, this is unprecedented in British legal history. Anne appealed to the Independent Police Complaints Commission, who carried out what they described as a thorough investigation. One of the leading officers who was supposed to investigate the crimes against Hollie and the other children, Detective Sergeant Innes Walker admitted that he had never even spoken to the named abusers or victims. The IPCC did not appear to find this odd in the least. It was discovered subsequently that Walker was personally associated at the time with Hollie`s female carer, one of the abusers. It was also discovered during my own investigations that four medical reports from three medical experts, all acting independently at different times and locations, provided conclusive evidence of the assaults on Hollie, supporting her allegations completely. We have those documents now. They were all deliberately withheld by the police from the official inquiry. Also withheld was the autopsy on Roy Greig, which we only acquired a year ago. This clearly indicates that he was the victim of a vicious physical assault leading up to his death. The police indicated merely that he had died of smoke inhalation. I am aware of the identity of Roy`s likely killer and stated his name to the police when I was interviewed after being arrested on 12th February 2010. We have just received a copy of the official transcript, allegedly copied from the taped interview. This whole section is missing. Tampering with evidence is a criminal offense. Following my introduction to the case in 2009, I challenged the Lord Advocate of Scotland, who is head of the entire legal criminal system in Scotland. Her name is Elish Angiolini. She is the same person who in her previous role in Aberdeen as Prosecutor, covered up the case in 2000.
Mrs Angiolini claimed that she knew nothing about Hollie`s case. However, we held three documents, including one from her to Hollie`s solicitor, showing that she was lying. in the summer of 2009, the Scottish First Minister, Alex Salmond and Justice Minister Kenny MacAskill (also controversially involved in the Lockerbie case) were informed of the Lord Advocate`s blatant dishonesty. They failed to take any action. In December 2009, the Lord Advocate blocked the second police investigation,despite compelling and overwhelming evidence that many serious crimes had committed. I was actually present when Hollie detailed the abuses and the names of the abusers and locations in a three and a half hour interview with the police on 8th September 2009. The mainstream media, including the BBC, were warned off any coverage of these terrible events. I later discovered that Mrs Angiolini was using a private law firm, Levy and McRae (Lockerbie again) to threaten the mainstream media over publicizing any possible linkage between her and the Hollie Greig case. It has subsequently been highlighted that she was misappropriating public money to fund a private action. Angiolini and Levy & McRae are now actively obstructing efforts to conclusively discover who paid - I think we already know.
In February I decided to stand in the British General Election, due to take place on 6th May. I traveled to Aberdeen, where I intended to stand, and was grabbed immediately by two detectives and placed in solitary confinement for four days. Whilst being held, four police officers traveled on a 700 mile round-trip to raid my home in England and remove my computer and all other confidential records belonging my clients and me. No search warrant has yet been produced, despite the police stating one was issued. I was banned from entering Aberdeen to conduct my election campaign, the only time such a thing has occurred in 300 years of British Parliamentary history. Just before the election, on the 14th April, two officers traveled again to England to re-arrest me, in an attempt to prevent me completing documentation necessary for my election candidature. I was still standing, despite the unprecedented restrictions placed upon me. Thanks to a massive public outcry, I was released the following day. More attempts to stop the campaign continued in England,where Hollie and Anne Greig had fled to in order to escape the rape gang, when the local council in England ludicrously decided that Hollie was a "missing person", raiding the ladies` home on 3rd June whilst they were on holiday and seizing the computer and personal documents. Again there is no sign of a warrant. SUCCESSES Due to our relentless pressure, Lord Advocate Elish Angiolini was forced to announce her unexpected resignation on 1st October. The person responsible for my own arrest and persecution, Prosecutor Stephen MacGowan was removed from Aberdeen on 22nd October, after making provably false statements about both Hollie and me. One of the individuals in England who was largely responsible for the attack on Hollie and Anne`s home, Councilor Aggie Caesar -Homden resigned her local council post just prior to me confronting her on 1st November. The campaign continues, going from strength to strength, thanks to the commitment of our many loyal supporters and the amazing courage of a few brave individuals who are mainly working in the rogue police state of Scotland.
We are making sustained attacks on a wide range of fronts, although clearly support from anyone in the mainstream media would blow the case wide open. I have absolutely no doubt that this is the biggest story in Britain today, such is the scope of it. However, one of our positive aims at present is for a large petition demanding a full, open and independent public inquiry into the Hollie Greig case and those connected with,i.e. the murder of her uncle and the kidnapping and assault on her mother. We are in the strong position of being able to prove that there has been a massive cover-up with documentary evidence. Had the mainstream media had the guts to publish, the Scottish government would have fallen some time ago in the most dreadfully disgraced way. I shall be in Shrewsbury, in England, on Thursday morning to challenge those from the local council who have even chosen to persecute Hollie and Anne in their place of refuge. Government support for high-level paedophile crime in the United Kingdom extends beyond the borders of Scotland. It is understood that Hollie`s story may well have been dealt with publicly almost eighteen months ago. However, the Scottish government, fronted by Justice Minister Kenny MacAskill, was faced with two scandals simultaneously that would have destroyed the SNP government. The major one, in the eyes of the government, was the El-Megrahi one. Due to the massive international interests, publicity and ramifications, the government could not avoid taking a severe hit on this one, amplified now that the Libyan is still alive, nearly a year after he was expected to have died, according to MacAskill. The Hollie Greig case, in contrast, at the time involved just two women, one of whom had Down`s Syndrome, supported by some guy in England who no-one had ever heard of. Surely the Scottish government didn`t need to worry about that. It was a failed political gamble. Keep in touch by visiting the official site, www.holliedemandsjustice.org "
The Basic Facts about the HOLLIE GREIG ABUSE CASE {PDF file of the PALESTINE TELEGRAPH's article}:}:
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