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Obama's Great Sellout

Art Smass
User ID: 1189203
United States
12/09/2010 02:04 AM
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Obama's Great Sellout
Yes. Obama has sold out. Big surprise, huh?

I'm not through hating "The Shrub" yet, so it is difficult for me personally to "get around" to hating on Obama. Because it just doesn't fucking matter at this point.

This administration is no different than any other. Never was ...wasn't supposed to be. We no longer elect a President to head the government of these United States, we participate in the game of "how many dumb asses still believe that they elect the dumb asses who act as nothing more of a figure head to the world on your behalf?" ...who actually heads the corporation doing business as, "THE UNITED STATES"

So, when those of us who still show up at the polls, garner enough numbers to show some level of participation in the game, the string-pullers get an idea of how great an actor to place in front of us.

Good 'ole George W. gave us the clusterfuck of 9-11, and everything that followed, after a relatively quiet few months.

Then the wars. Oh, boy. Now we're in for the jackpot.

Clinton gave us the playbook on how to deceive EVERYBODY and how to get away with is when you get caught.

George Senior...? Now there was a piece of work. Head of the CIA and very much in charge before being placed at the helm as yet another figure-head. And he is one-sick-puppy. But then, he is exactly the face needed for a country that is about to play the Nazification card on those too stupid to realize they have been duped.

If you are reading this, you either understand already, or you are pissed at the OP for telling the truth.

This country is lost. End of story. Start over.