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Message Subject Look at this, I found this picture in our online newspaper and I directly recognized the event, then I remembered this illuminati card
Poster Handle Tali
Post Content
When were these cards created/printed?

Holy hell...

Title: Illuminati Card Game
Description: The complete set of cards from the Illuminati Card Game from Steve Jackson Games. This game came out in 1995 and seems to predict a lot of events that have already happened, like 9/11.

I cant believe some people have never heard of these cards before, they had some 9/11 card also,

Seriously Tali, where have you been? CAVE?

90 percent of those on GLP should have known of this deck, Its a popular game.

Yup I'm a lil naive to be honest and wasn't really into conspiracy stuff til a year or so ago...

oh, lol ! well dont let it eat you up. some get so obsessed its a religion unto itself. Most fears get blown out of proportion and dont turn out, Like last year we were supposed to die from the swine flu, then the swine flu vaccine. Militia was supposed to kick down our doors if we didnt take it and we were to be hauled away in cattle cars to the camps

lol !!!!

I keep to myself mostly and study Gnosis and Esoteric Religions. Have fun and dont take stuff too seriously.


Haha no worries....what brought me here was a search for the oil spill and a third of the seas being dead (biblical)...

...and I stayed =)

I've learned a lot here.
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