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Message Subject Looking for a purpose in life? This man found his.
Poster Handle goodmockingbird
Post Content
...I just think that if a person is so fucking stupid as to eat their own shit, they deserve the ramifications of that action...Even a retard can learm what plants are native to their environment, or can fucking start walking into another place that is not so fucked up. I just dont really have alot of compassion for people who cannot fend for themselves....
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1059909

The plants that might be native to Mumbai, Delhi, or Calcutta would tend to be owned by someone, that is -- on private property.

As for walking to some other place -- those people have probably already done a lot of that.

As the body burns off its fat and muscles for lack of food, the brain cells themselves shut down.

The urge to eat, to consume something -- anything -- is about the most hardwired instinct there is during starvation.

The consumption of ones own feces might actually provide some nutrition. So do insects, and a lot of other things we would consider revolting.

We would do well not to judge something we have no methodology to understand first-hand -- the physiology of starvation.

You or I might go harm others if we were to face starvation. At least those people are harming no one else.

I saw the humanity in their eyes. I hope that you mature enough and make it through life's challenges to likewise see it someday.
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