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Message Subject Looking for a purpose in life? This man found his.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
And by what authority do you make that claim? The Holy word of God say's otherwise, sorry to upset your belief system of a works based faith.

Did Christ die in VAIN?
If you can be saved by good works your saying you can save yourself and need NO savior!

Fellow Christian,

I know you mean well but please stop to think about the impact you have on those of us who may believe as you do but who are simply trying to spread the word of Christ by opening one door at a time.

It becomes terribly hard for me to overcome the stigma of the word "Christian" at times and it's this style of preaching to others that makes me sad.

I know you are only sharing the convictions of what we believe in our faith but nobody wants to be told that they are condemned even when they bend over backwards to help their fellow man.

And truly, though we have the Word of God to encourage us it was Christ himself that made a point of teaching that the laws of the church were being taken too far.

Like this man in India, Christ hung out with unsavory types.
He made a point of breaking traditional law by healing on the Sabbath and touching those deemed unclean.

The priests despised him and his own Apostles chastised him.

The bottom line is that if we're to be Christ-like I think we need to leave the whole "good deed vs repentance" issue up to Father.

Can't we just encourage others to join us through love rather than to further alienate them from Christ Jesus by condemning them?

I don't know.

You may feel comfortable doing it that way but such actions make it harder for me to share his love with others on this end.

Keep up the good faith, friend.

 Quoting: Miggy

You make good points, but I was just pointing out that there is only ONE WAY.

Many this time of year need to hear the true gospel and not a touchy feel good message, Jesus was sent by the Father to do one thing. He was sent to be a sacrifice for the whole worlds sins, but only the ones whom believed in His Blood sacrifice are covered under it.

This man is a good Hindu, but before you promote him to saint hood remember that many Christians die for their faith every day. While feeding and taking care of their physical needs is a great and worthy humanitarian deed, it does nothing for their soul which is bound for eternal separation from God.

But all of that aside I still applaud the man from a humanitarian point of view. hf
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