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Message Subject Looking for a purpose in life? This man found his.
Poster Handle Monster
Post Content
the man in the video is a TRUE CHRISTIAN because his life and actions are Christ like

Can you please Define Christian for me ?

A true Christian is someone who embodies
the holy spirit, who personifies and exemplifies
Gods' and Jesus' teachings.

Being Humble/humility
Acting Selfless
Gives without reciprocity
Hasn't expectations
Unconditionally loves all living things
Hasn't contempt for his enemy
Limitless compassion
Lovingly empathic towards others
Doesn't lie, cheat, steal or kill

Really sir, it's not that hard to convey
to you what a true Christian is like.

The issue with "most" self proclaimed Christians is
that they only READ and learn about the teachings
but they do NOT "apply" them!
 Quoting: Chinesis

The man in the video is acting with no religous ties, he is being the true human being, you dont have to be christian or jewish, or anything, to wash anothers face , or hand feed a stranger, so get off the christian crap, if you are a christian did you give money to this mans cause? or are you just all talk?
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