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Message Subject Looking for a purpose in life? This man found his.
Poster Handle The Professor
Post Content
Just tells me that these are people in this world who are so fucking stupid and pathetic and uneducated, that they are eating their own poop. Hard to feel sorry for them...
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1059909

I regret that you feel that way. Your indifference to the worst kind of human suffering is rather sad.

No one chooses abject poverty. I am quite certain that no man ever woke up in the morning and said to himself, "Gee, I want to be stupid, pathetic, uneducated and eat my own poop." Unfortunately, The fates are not always kind or fair, and sometimes a man's misfortune is beyond his control. Even those who made bad decision which contributed to their condition deserve sympathy and support.

If you had been born in different circumstances at another time and place, you may be the one being accused of being fucking stupid, pathetic uneducated and eating your own poop. Perhaps something as simple as a shave, a bath and a cup of watery soup would make you feel human and worthy again.

I am not a Bible believing Christian, but I think Matthew was on to something when he described the importance of kindness towards "the least of these."
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