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Message Subject Looking for a purpose in life? This man found his.
Poster Handle Miggy
Post Content
The issue with "most" self proclaimed Christians is
that they only READ and learn about the teachings
but they do NOT "apply" them!
 Quoting: Chinesis

It could be me, but I'm seeing a change regarding this.

I'm finding that many Christians are waking up to the fact that there's little time left to share this joy with others.

I see people re-evaluating the way they choose to spread the word of the incredibly awesome life of Jesus Christ.

Let's face it, as Christians we have failed miserably.

You won't ever hear me telling others they are doomed to hell or will never see heaven.

In the first place, it's not up to me is it?

I hope if you ever bump into me on the street that you'll take away one thing: that our encounter only left you with the desire to seek out what in the world it is that makes me so peacefully content in the middle of this chaos.

And as I said, I am seeing more Christ-like behavior on the streets by true Christians then I remember witnessing these past 50 years of life.

I just hope there's enough time to get this message out- we are SO close to the end now it isn't funny.

Sorry, didn't mean to derail from this thread about an incredibly wonderful Christ-like man.

God bless him.
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