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Message Subject Looking for a purpose in life? This man found his.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Wouldn't it be cool if he actually posted a response here?

Yes, I hope he does.
 Quoting: Soul Devine

I have a strong suspicion that he is actually busy doing things on a daily basis...Being productive, ya know...doing the things you cry about while you TALK ONLINE about making a difference.He would not give a fuck what you think, because he already believes in what he is doing...

There are 4 types of people in the world....Talkers, Doers, Thinkers, and Feelers..This thread is full of Feelers, and not one fucking "do'er". Dont think for 1 second that your donation to india makes you a fucking doer. You want to really make a difference, get the fuck out of your house, go find a filthy homeless person, and do what this guy is doing...be a fucking do'er....Go find a fucked up homeless person near your home, clean them up, shave their face, bathe them, give them food, help them get back on their feet... and forget to post how much shit they steal from you while you are a walmart buying. LOL

I respect the opinions of those who hate me now, because of my posts previously, but I cannot respect the lazy liberal sissies that are on here wishing they could do domething...Get the fuck out of here with that shit...Either you do something, or shut up!
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